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Online shopping cosmetics deep water how to identify fake

Recently, online shopping cosmetics 80% are fake such a news caused many users attention. The report quoted a number of industry insiders said, a lot of electricity supplier to sell a large part of the products are high imitation goods. At present, high imitation cosmetics from production to sales of the industry chain has been very mature. And many genuine cosmetics have been diluted, a bottle can be diluted into several bottles of sales.

Due to online shopping cosmetics deep water, there are users launched a survey, 80% of users said no longer online shopping cosmetics. But online shopping cosmetics really want to cost a lot, not unworthy, because "deep water" will give up online shopping. Learn to identify fake and shoddy products is the last word.

1 workmanship

No matter how exquisite imitation goods, it must work and genuine distinction, just to see if we are careful. Some cosmetics such as facial cleanser, such as the need to squeeze the product, the entire product if the drum, then the probability of imitation goods is relatively large.

2 see printing

If the edge of the printing are not neat, the probability of imitation goods is relatively large. For example, Lancome's things are very delicate, lipstick, bottles and other hard packaging on the lid of the rose is raised, not printed on the.

3 smell

General authentic skin care products, the taste is very small, very natural, elegant fragrance, long lasting, elegant and fresh, give people a pleasant enjoyment. Imitation goods, then the smell is relatively thick, more fragrant, a kind of inferior perfume taste, this product is similar to the probability of goods is relatively large.

4 security code

Anti fake phone inquiries, cell phone inquiries, CIQ these things, all of them can be manufactured by imitation goods manufacturers.

5 sealing standards

Many times in order to save the cost of fake goods, some like openings, seals will be replaced with foam or other things.

6 product standard number

Online shopping cosmetics, you can ask the seller the corresponding product standard number, then we have to search the website of the Ministry of health, if found the results do not correspond with the seller of goods, so the product is fake.

Online shopping cosmetic terminology

Genuine that is genuine, but it may also be licensed parallel. Smuggled goods also be genuine, but did not pay tariffs, no Chinese instructions. For example, you come back from abroad with a bottle of DIOR cream, sold in the country, the price naturally cheaper than the counter, then this can be called parallel imports. Licensed means from the formal channels into the goods, pay tariffs, after the state inspection, and Chinese instructions. Hongkong, China or foreign counter purchasing refers to a special help consumers in Hongkong, China, or buy a counter shop to buy a small ticket, direct purchase fee.