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Domestic cosmetics to multi legged walking

Channel is king. Channels have to get the market's "truth" in the Chinese cosmetics industry is no exception. Not counting foreign brands, there are thousands of domestic cosmetics manufacturers, the market competition is very intense, naturally lead to channel competition.

Foreign brands firmly grasp the department store counters and other high-end channels, domestic brands can only be in the super, franchise stores and other channels to fight. Of course, there are local brands to take an unusual way, that is, open brand stores. Originally very normal business format, but in the domestic cosmetics industry has been regarded as a heterogeneous".

Open brand stores are not in accordance with the rules of the card, or is seen as not in the department store counters, super stores, franchise stores, such as the top three mainstream channel mixed down helpless. In fact, as the industry matures, all in the mature industry reflects the regularity of things, will slowly appear in the field of cosmetics. Brand stores are no exception, but also will become one of the main channels of cosmetics.

However, why can not see the brand store so much fire look like? Boya beauty cosmetics industry consulting agency general manager Chen Xi has pointed out that the reason is that, at present, the international famous brand consumer groups and some conspicuous customers, this part of customers are not willing to go to the street facade consumption. In addition, Jia Nancheng City, merchants gathered for the city. Cause who took the lead in the store, who will suffer".

However, Chen Xi also believes that this is only a stage of development of the market, but also a matter of time. The advantages of brand stores for the brand is obvious, you can well demonstrate the image of the brand and the latest products, enhance brand premium.

For customers, the brand stores will give people a sense of trust, the quality of all aspects of work have a sense of assurance. And can enjoy professional services, because the brand stores will be very focused on brand reputation, practitioners are also generally have a wealth of professional knowledge and provide professional services.

Cosmetics industry in the brand stores are also faced with the problem of operating more than one brand franchise stores: rising labor costs, rising rents, changes in consumer spending habits, etc.. In addition, there are competitive pressures from other channels of cosmetics. In particular, the domestic cosmetics brand is not a call for the time, blindly only the implementation of the brand store risk.

Despite this, but with the emergence of consumer demand for personalized, a number of brands to try, brand stores in the field of cosmetics has been gradually. But it is worth noting that the single brand stores this channel model is not suitable for all brands, only has a certain market appeal of the brand, can provide a rich selection of merchandise, brand is suitable for target consumption group. Therefore, it is recommended that the strength of the cosmetics companies can walk more legs, in the premise of not giving up the existing channels, come up with a certain strength to represent the future of an important force of the brand store channels.